SRCD offers services ranging from smaller to larger projects and satisfying customer needs. The company always takes part in tenders whether Madagascar, in countries of the Indian Ocean and even in Africa.

Our company has acquired a huge experience in more than 10 years, either in the trade or business in order to satisfy the customer’s needs by representing prestigious brands. As EPC, it is specialized in the management of projects such as construction of hydroelectric, thermal power station, headlines and sub-stations in a joint venture with world renowned companies.

SRCD offers quality services, grouped into the following markets segments:

  • Design
  • Preparation work of production equipment and power transmission
  • Rehabilitation–electrical manchinery
  • Commisioning


Etudes_photo_500_visuel_2SRCD works closely with GLW INTERNATIONAL, which is a consulting company, in several field such as environment, energy, water, infrastructure and mining.

It is among JIRAMA’s partner as environmental research and assessments of electrical energy part (thermic station, hydroelectric station, hydroelectric dam). GLWI has a multidisciplinary and competent team with many years of experience in design, exploitation and trading in these business areas.


rehabilitation_500_1SRCD takes part in the work of rehabilitation in order to provide and increase productivity.  The company provides tailored solutions to meet your requirements with innovative ideas.

Our services consist of:

  • Inventory
  • Valuation of facilities to rehabilitate on site
  • Stock list  of equipment to replac
  • Analyzes and technical studies
  • Development of a list containing the technical specifications of parts and work
  • Determination of specialized agents and various officials with skills
  • Work out of the overall project schedule and site organization
  • Completion walkovers

Inventory and collection of international standards: safety and environmental  PHS development and QA  projection costs of personnel, equipment and miscellaneous expenses.
Development of technical and financial records relating to the project to apply for funding  Recommendation for a maintenance program and list of operating rooms.
Training of operating and maintenance personnel.


SRCD offers the following services:

  • Verification and updating of installed equipment specifications and installation plans with respect to curricula
  • Pressurizing circuits and powering electrical components. Testing of various components
  • Preset and blanks ( mechanical and electrical )
  • Verifying the proper operation of each device and preset
  • Mounted bearing speed and load
  • Checking vibrations, heat or other abnormalities
  • Stabilization speed , idling , power and charges
  • Testing and measuring the behavior of groups (load shedding and taking loads )
  • Audit of group behavior ( plug and load shedding )
  • Actual testing of key protections
  • Running at rated load for 24 hours
  • Overload test to 10% for one hour
  • Instrumentation end ( and recording) settings
  • Technical equipment reception
  • Semi -industrial operation group
  • Discount contractual documents ( manual , maintenance, spare parts) and PV testing and commissioning
  • Delivery of parts and tooling intervention