Trading_500_photo_5Trading is the core business of SRCD.

This activity includes a broad variety of products for industrial use, mainly in the following areas: mining, energy, railway industry, ship repair and health

SRCD is an intermediary that helps transactions between companies in a given market. This role will purchase the product sales. SRCD also works with the English speaking companies in order to win new markets in French speaking countries. Our role is to help companies to prepare their bids by analyzing the appropriate information. SRCD occurs either as a coordinator (administrative assistance and / or technical) as a subcontractor.

Market knowledge combined with our expertise in international trade ensures quality services and sustainable partnership.


SRCD provides services in the areas of maintenance and refurbishment, in partnership with CIM-LOGERAIL as well as the South African THERMITREX. Related Products :

  •  Haulage equipment
  • Wagons (travelers, mining)
  • Railway supplies
  • Spare parts


logo ABCSRCD represents ABC DIESEL on the Malagasy territory. Our main customer is JIRAMA..