Guy Ranjatoelina

In 1998, S.R.C.D. was formed as a trading company oriented towards industrial sectors; with particular emphasis in the following areas: mining, public works, railway industry, energy, construction, ship repair and health.

Originally, SRCD was served as bridgehead to its French COMPAGNIE INTERNATIONALE DE MAINTENANCE (CIM) for its railway operations, construction and ship repair in Madagascar.

The market has changed significantly as well as the company. Now in its trading activity, S.R.C.D. added that the “contractorfor industrial projects, particularly in the energy sector. S.R.C.D. accompanies the biggest names in the energy industry in Madagascar.

From Madagascar, the market has been extended to African French speaking countries and the Indian Ocean countries. Utility companies, major projects financed by international institutions, private projects have become the main targets. Our activities are focused on the production, transmission of electricity, oil exploration, mining, public works, railway industry, construction and ship repair.